Latest features added to SESAM
Jun 21, 2022

A lot of bug fixes, performance improvements and minor new features added in the most recent version - and our built-in scenarios are finally working again 🎉.

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SESAM news

SESAM is still under development. Read here about our new features and releases.

Release 0.3.1 Jun 21, 2022

This release is a service release, in which we focused on bug fixing and quality assurance. In comparison to the 0.3.0 release, no major feature were added, but a lot of small and minor issues were fixed. For example, a simulation run can be renamed in the workspace and built-in scenarios are useable again. We hope, that you will enjoy this release of SESAM.

Release 0.3.0 May 10, 2022

Just in time before the debut of SESAM at the SUMO User Conference 2022, this release adds the first version of the analyzer to SESAM. You can now visually inspect the results of a simulation run. At the moment, we show the relative speed of vehicles with respect to the speed limit in the road network.


The builder got more powerful and is now using Nominatem to suggest scenario names based on the selected area. Moreover, we also updated Eclipse SUMO to the most recent version 1.13.0 and added support for timezones in the user profile of registered users to show local times instead of UTC-based times.

Anonymous guest users will be happy to read, that we relaxed the restrictions on the scenario names, so that umlauts and even emojis can be used - yeah!

Release 0.2.1 April 2nd, 2022

This release is mostly a service release. It comes with a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements as a result of internal code refactoring and optimization.

Sometimes tasks may fail for a variety of reasons and we wanted to be able to handle those situations better. Now we are able to catch those cases and provide meaningful feedback to the user.


Moreover, we took the opportunity and finalized the switch from OpenLayers to Leaflet, which we already started to develop for 0.1.0. In addition to the benefits of a powerful mapping API, we are now proud to provide more interactive maps that also work well on mobile devices.

Release 0.2.0 February 28, 2022

In this release, we focused on developing the simulation capabilities for SUMO. Registered users and guests can finally choose a scenario to be simulated with SUMO on the SESAM platform.


User can influence the simulation run with predefined options or enable outputs to get insights on simulation results. They can be downloaded in the workspace.

Comments can be addded to scenarios and simulations to capture additional information or decisions and SESAM was upgraded to use the latest SUMO version (1.12.0).

Release 0.1.0 January 14, 2022

This release improves the user interface of SESAM based on the feedback we received. It also adds user accounts. Users can now register an account at SESAM to access premium features and benefit from longterm storage. SESAM received offsite backup capabilities to prevent loss of user data.

The scenario builder now creates preview images of each scenario. They are displayed in the workspace.


SESAM now provides built-in scenarios for the cities Brunswick and Bologna. They can only be accessed by registered users.

We hope that you will enjoy this release - and if not, please do provide feedback for us!

Release 0.0.1 November 22, 2021

Initial public release of SESAM:

  • SESAM landing page and workspace
  • SESAM scenario builder with download feature
  • High-performance cloud infrastructure
  • Private OpenStreetMap mirror service